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When it comes to blasting — there are a lot of different terms that get thrown around and used interchangeably.  Sandblasting, soda blasting, vapor blasting, slurry blasting, wet blasting, etc — how do we know what the difference is? Read on as we get a little technical and attempt to explain the differences.

When talking about abrasive blasting many people use the common term «sandblasting,» but there are actually a wide variety of mediums or abrasives that can be used.  In addition, the abrasives can be used with water — referred to as «wet blasting» or with no water typically called «dry blasting».

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Wet blasting is a great option with air quality concerns and containment. By introducing water with the media, less dust is created making it a lot easier to contain.

Blast machine manufacturers have created different ways of introducing water into the blasting process.  We’ll focus on three of the more common terms you may have heard – Slurry Blasting, Vapor Blasting, and Dustless Blasting.

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